Lead me on

See, I have been silently watching and waiting,

watching and waiting for you to lead me on,

to lead me to these that I call silent waters,

silent waters that I may feel every bone of my being



I have been  waiting,

waiting for you even in my dreams,

as we walk down this picture perfect reality,

the reality that is in my dream.


So,lead me on,

lead me on if can..

did i just give you a tall order?

just lead me on if you can

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It may sound cliche as we keep hearing of it on a daily basis. At church/mosques on the streets in hospitals, the list would be endless.

But do we ever ask ourselves why? Hope is one of the key components that keeps any human going, the hope for a better house, clothes, education, a flashy car. I could go on and on.

It is one of the things that when lost, we lose a sense of direction and things come to a standstill.We lose the person that we are and our greater purpose.

The reason I keep my hope might ask. It is because in knowing that life presents me with challenges,I still know that there will be better days.


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Empowering Communities One Girl at a Time

The story of Wilkista Akinyi, a Global Give Back Circle, Girl-child empowerment ambassador. Wilkista Akinyi is a born leader. She is an outstanding lady who goes for nothing but the best. She is a …

Source: Empowering Communities One Girl at a Time

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Age is just a number, meet the iconic artist

When a special person features your work on their blog!!! Ensure to read this by Naom and follow her very insightful blog

My Musings

In a world where everybody is struggling to survive especially the youth, it is very rare to find a young person who is so committed to raising others economically. Our Kenya today is full of unemployed people. It is full of youth who are desperately turning into gambling and betting as a way of livelihood. It is becoming a man eat man society. A society that believes in everyone for himself but God for us all. Not until you meet this lady, in her early 20s but with mega talents. She has decided to employ her God given talents, not only to propel herself, but with many others. Meet Ms. Hellen Kimaru, a university student, who is unstoppable and a force to reckon with. When you know what she is doing, you will not believe that she is still a student.
Hint: I love her Handwork Products! I am…

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Allow me

Allow me to share this bits of the puzzle

Of the person I always dreamt to become

The person that I am

And the person I aspire to be

The little girl with big dreams,

Sometimes being not sure where the road would take her,

Trying her luck in all ways

Will these dreams be a realty?

Lucky star,

Please orbit my galaxy,

I dream of a better tomorrow,

Allow me experience it

#to be continued

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Underneath the beautiful face,

The pain and hurt,

The hurt from a heartbreak,

The hurt to let go the once so familiar,

Fake smiles,

In an era that worships selfies,

Broken dreams and souls,

Pain and neglect,

But they say we got to keep up;

This fake smile

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I don’t know how to cut a long story short, but I will try.
With a lot of hope I joined uni,
“You will be a step closer to achieving your dreams after four years”
I smiled at this thought
See,when I was growing up,
The most successful people had attended universities, done a
Not to forget that the prestigious Degree has been compromised,
Three lectures in a semester of four months,
Signing of attendance sheets for the lecturers pay
“Ensure you sign against your name all the 12 weeks,
The irony 3 against 12 weeks
We signed our future away,
A semester full of “D” grades,
Who is fooling who?
Mediocrity, mediocrity,spectrum of degrees,
I know you can name them,
“Soma kwa bidii utisaidie”
My single mum told me after selling the only parcel of land under her name to secure my school fee

Happy me,joining comrades to expand my mind for the so called better future
Maybe I am almost actualizing my dreams
And those long lectures,
Mind jogging assignments and those exams,
Life is full of tests and its clear now I have to put my Best foot forward to make it

We have been trying to raise our concerns through the right channels,
Negotiating for better services, value for our money,
Field trips that only reflect on fee cheques but never materialize,
So where does that cash disappear to,
I am sorry, but you need make me understand,
Why I cannot sit for exams without clearing that fee,
I would go on and on about the misgivings.
So I watch every semester as comrades go on strike,
Didn’t you refuse around the table negotiations,
They broke a pane or two this time,
I don’t support vandalism,
I actually don’t condone it,
But will sending a whole group of maybe 10,000 students home for an unknown period of time bring a solution?
Why don’t we look for better ways of dealing with our problems
Did you *administration* think that there could be a possibility that a few people with sinister motives bring down the * learning halls*?
And maybe if your management was polished things would be better?
‪#‎frustrationsofadegree‬ ‪#‎universityofeldoret‬ ‪#‎timeismoney‬ ‪#‎unieducationisnotfree‬ ‪#‎mediocrityisnoexcuse‬

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